Mortgage Calc

What it is

I’ve gone through the house-buying process three times so far. And eac time, I want to get the mortgage just right. How much should I put down? How does that affect my payment? How much is going to principal? What if I make extra payments? What if I go for a 15-year instead of a 30-year loan? What does that look like over the life of the loan? What does that look like over the first 5 years? Or 10?

In short, I want to be able to simulate an arbitrary number of scenarios at a granular level and compare them side by side. Unfortunately, my Google-fu did not yield any existing tools on the inter-webs that would do this for me. So I built my own.

Mortgage Calc lets you plug in the numbers for various mortgage configurations and stack them up side by side so you can see what impact they have. Play around with different terms, different interest rates, different loan amounts, an one-time or recurring extra payments.

How it works

This is a simple client-side app running in Vue.js. If I were going to reimplement it from scratch, I’d use React.

You can check out the source code here.